BOOKS: The Rider by Tim Krabbé

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If there’s one book every cyclist should read, it’s The Rider by Tim Krabbé. Just like knowing the basic skill of how to fix a puncture, this should be mandatory reading for every cyclist. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s taken me this long to read it. I’ve never read anything that captures the essence of the pleasure, the suffering and the insanity of a bike race so perfectly. – Cycling Tips

At the start of the 137-kilometre Tour de Mont Aigoual, Tim Krabbé glances up from his bike to assess the crowd of spectators. ‘Non-racers,’ he writes. ‘The emptiness of those lives shocks me.’ Immediate and gripping from the first page, we race with the author as he struggles up the hills and clings on during descents in the unforgiving French mountains. – Amazon


Brilliant book, inexpensive and thoughtful.


The Rider

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