RIDER CARE: Cycling ID – OneLifeID


What is it?

OneLifeID specialise in creating ID for sports, medical and emergency applications. OneLifeID should be amongst every cyclist arsenal when heading out on a ride. Personally, I’ve set our on a ride countless times looking at my phone and thinking ‘hmmm…20% battery for a 3 hour ride? meh..sure it’ll be fine’ but in reality I don’t take my wallet with me and without my phone there is nothing to identify who I am.

OneLifeID also allow you to create a link on your band to your personal profile which includes your medial and contact information.

The medical page has 3 sections – Medical Condition, Allergy and Current Medication. For each section users may add Medical Name, Further Details and an attachment. The attachment can be a photo, medical image or multipage medical documents eg Personal Crisis Plan which provide additional detail on medical conditions, treatment and medication and key contacts – nok, GP.

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