Carbon Fibre Exercise Bike

What is it?

Ciclotte is a stationary bike with a carbon dress and a unique character: studied also for the 5 spinning positions, Ciclotte’s design has a unique approach to exercising. The rider’s posture, the minimalist design and the appeal of the materials used immediately evoke the sensations of a road race.
The whole range of Ciclotte is also available in the Marine set-up, with components even more resistant to sea salt and atmospheric agents. Ideal to be used on yachts, ships, coastal areas and for long outdoor exposure.

Is this a good Cycling Gift?

No, I mean, look at it! It looks about as practical as a piece of art.

Buying Guide?

Rent him or her a Wattbike instead.

How much?

€10.120,00 (too much!)

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