HOUSEHOLD: Coffee Makes Me Cycle Faster

What is it?

Designed and produced by us in our London studios, this is a simple and sylish two – sided mug that features the words ‘ Coffee makes me cycle faster ‘ on the front and you can personalise the back of the mug with the recipients name and the town/city they cycle in i.e ‘Jimmy Smith – The Fastest Cyclist in Dulwich’. This would make a great cycling gift.

Also available for the swimming and running enthusiast in your life.

  • Handmade item
  • Material: ceramic
  • Made to order

Why would this mug make a good Cycling Gift?

It’s a great little gift that you can’t go wrong with and if they don’t drink hot drinks they can use it to put their pens in.

How much?

£12.95 + postage at the time of writing.

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