HYDRATION: CamelBak Water Bottles

What are they?

Camelbak arguable create the best cycling water bottles and they also come in a good variety of designs and colours to ensure it suits the bike and/or the rider.

What makes these bottles a good Cycling Gift?

Camelbak have a nozzle like no other bottle. In their words:

The CamelBak® Podium® Bottle incorporates Jet Valve™, a revolutionary self-sealing valve into a taste-free bottle with a high flow rate.

Basically this means that to drink you don’t have to mess around opening the valve, you just squeeze and drink.

These premium water bottles would make a great gift. A cyclist can never have too many water bottles,  get them something a little different that they wouldn’t normally buy (although make sure it matches their bike!).

How much?

From £6.99 + postage