FOOD & DRINK: Columbian Guava Energy Bar

Columbian Guava Energy Bar

These things are awesome because they’re 100% natural and the wrapper is bio-degradable meaning you don’t have to worry about throwing it at the side of the road. They’re very different from the usual high street brands which is always a plus in the gift giving department.

Lucho Dillitos bocadillo are the natural, tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition!

Bocadillo are Colombia’s original energy bar. For generations Colombian cyclists have been adding 1 or 2 bocadillo into their jersey pockets before they go for a ride. Now, thanks to Lucho Dillitos, you too can experience the great taste of this natural energy source. –

  • Lucho Dillitos Bocadillo’s (pack of 10) are Colombias original guava energy bar. 100% Natural and unprocessed they are a bar and a gel rolled into one.
  • Made from only 2 natural ingredients there are no added flavourings, additives, or preservatives
  • The main ingredient of a bocadillo is Guava. Considered by many a super-fruit packed with vitamins and minerals as well as being a great natural source of energy
  • Per 40g Bar: Carbs 11.5g Sugars 11.5g Fat 0g Fibre 0g Salt .008g Protein .05g

Are these Guava energy bars a good Cycling Gift?

All cyclist use some sort of nutrition while out riding. These bars from Lucho Dillitos bocadillo are unusual which makes them great little gifts.

How much?

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