FOR THE RIDE: Get them cleaning products!

Bike and rider care

Muc-Off are providers of some of the best cleaning and lubricating products on the market. They also do a range of rider care products ranging from Dry Shower through to Foam Fresh.

Riding ones bike over winter in the UK is a pretty messy business for both bike and body. Make sure they and their bike stay as clean as can be with Muc-Offs expansive range of cleaning kit. This stuff will leave their beloved bikes as looking as good as the day they bought them.

Muc Off Cleaning Prodcuts - Cycling Gifts

Muc-Off have also ventured into the world of road bike chains, which they claim to be ‘The Worlds Fastest Chain‘. See more about the chain here.

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Why would these products make good Cycling Gifts?

  • Most consumable products make good gifts since they will run out and they will be used, think chocolate and wine.
  • Muc-Off is considered a premium, well know brand and thus your recipient won’t be displeased with your choice of gift.
  • Team Sky are sponsored by Muc-Off (tell them this when you hand over your gift – knowledge is power).

How much?