FOR THE RIDER: The Best Corkscrew Ever!

A Campagnolo Corkscrew?

In case you’re wondering, Campagnolo make some of the finest, Italian made cycle components on the planet, and now they’ve turned their hand to wine…

Is this the best corkscrew ever? Probably not, but is it made by Campagnolo, which has to stand for something right? To be fair to it, it does look like a pretty good way to open a bottle of wine. That being said this does look like a waste of money. I think what Campagnolo have tried to do here is put this at a price point where by it looks similar to their bike component counterparts but in reality they’ve just jacked the price of a pretty standard corkscrew.

Again though, that being said, this is a Cycling Gift blog, not a wine blog and to that end – yes, buy this. It’s a great gift if they’re into cycling and wine.

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And just in case you’re wondering (I know you are!) there is a t-shirt to go with it.

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