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If the person you’re thinking of buying a cycling gift for enjoys an active lifestyle and loves to stay fit with cycling, they’ve probably invested quite a significant sum of money in their equipment. However, sometimes the humble pair of socks seems to get neglected. While out riding you want to make sure that the skin breathes, this is better for the skin, and a lightweight pair of socks will also keep your feet cool during those summer days.

Pongo Cycling Socks | Cycling Gifts

Pongo, a small company located in London, is trying to lead the way in cycling socks. The team behind the Pongo brand has years of experience in making socks so it is more than a job for them, it is a passion! They wanted to make sure that their cycling socks are the best available on the market so decided to invest their funds in a manufacturing facility in northern Italy. Pongo is not focused on mass production, as they have only 4 knitting machines.  Their goal is to offer socks of an exceptional quality, unlike most products that can be currently found on the market. For them, the socks are not just a mere accessory they are a contact point between your feet and the shoes you use, so they have a crucial role! They also strive for a more unique product to make the cyclist stand out from the crowd, which these days is catching on more and more.  Check out sock doping on Instagram to see what we mean.

Pongo Cycling Socks | Cycling Gifts

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Cycling Gift Guide

  • Cycling socks are ordinarily sized in European sizes, make sure you’re selecting the correct size.
  • Choose a colourway that matches their current kit, for example,  if they mostly ride in red ,the avoid orange.

Where can you buy?

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