HOUSEHOLD: Chain and Cog Clocks!

Chain and Cog Clocks!

All passionate cyclists will want to surround themselves with cycling memorabilia in their day to day lives. Here are a couple of clocks that really fit the bill.

The first comes from a company based in Melbourne, Australia called Tread and Pedals. They upcycled bicycle parts to create stunning piece of jewelry, clocks and more. Their work is simply awesome.

This piece uses a chain coiled up, looks simple but very effective and stylish.

Cycling Clock Gift | Cycling Gifts

Second up is a piece from Andrew Fitzgerald, a artist from Hertfordshire, England.  His website, Vyconic show cases some really cool items such as a bicycle wheel lamp shade and disc brake rim clocks.

Featured below is a reversed chainset which has been polished to within an inch of it’s life to create a stunning wall clock.


What make these a good Cycling Gift?

They’re unique and would happily suit any cyclist but especially the cyclist that seem to have everything, BUT…they probably don’t have a wall clock made from upcycled bicycle parts!

Where can you buy?

>>> Tread and Pedals >>> Vyconic