TOP 10 Men’s T-Shirts! (Edition 1)

Top 10 Men’s Cycling T-Shirts

The best thing to show the world your love of everything cycling is a solid t-shirt. Personally I like clean, simple designs but something that onlookers will straight away identify with. Listed below are the top 10 cycling t-shirts. There are dozens more available and with that we’ll call this post ‘edition 1’.

Would one (or two) of these make a good Cycling Gift?

Yes of course, I’m pretty sure that everyone and everyone loves a t-shirt. If they love road cycling, then one of the below t-shirts would go down as a really good Cycling Gift.

Rapha Logo T-Shirt 

Clean, clinical, stylish, well-made. Is that enough adjectives to portray how much we love this t-shirt? Available in black, grey and light blue.

£30.00 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Rapha UK


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Velolove’s Alpe D’Huez Organic T-Shirt

Celebrating the iconic Alpe D’Huez mountain top stage with it’s 21 hairpins this t-shirt depicts ones of cycling’s greats climbs of all time. This t-shirt is also made from 100% organic materials, which is always nice to know!

£25.00 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Wiggle


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Shut Up Legs – CYCLIST II T-Shirt

Many Pro’s go onto a career after cycling, some onto making bikes, some commentating but rarely do they go creating their own clothing brand. Jens Voigt has gone on to create a credible and stylish brand in ‘Shut Up Legs’, his trade mark quote. Some of the t-shirts and other apparel on sale are absolutely awesome. Check the range out here.

€29.90 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Shut Up Legs


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Chapeau Wordmark T-Shirt

Chapeau in the most literal sense translates to ‘Hat’. However in the cycling world Chapeau! means to takes ones hat off, to show respect.

Chapeau are a brand I’ve been following for sometime now, they produce awe inspiring cycling jerseys and BIB shorts as well as some of the coolest casual clothing around. Check out this Wordmark T-Shirt, simple, stylish and all cyclist know and love the chant ‘Chapeau!’.

£25.00 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Chapeau


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Morvelo’s Punk T-Shirt

Morvelo have been around for a while now, producing some of the UK’s best cycle wear. The main attraction as a brand is that their designs are very different from the usual high street stuff. Check out this Punk t-shirt, love it!

£22.00 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Wiggle


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Cinelli Columbus Tee

Cinelli are a brand that has been around for what seems ever. They’re classic logo is synonymous in the world of cycling. This cycling t-shirt would be graciously received by any cycling fan.

£18.38 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Wiggle


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Shut Up Legs – Black Pain

This is our second shout out for the brand ‘Shut Up Legs’, can you tell we love them here at Cycling Gifts? This tee reminds me a lot of the Daft Punk album artwork for their album Musique which for me makes it just that little bit better.

€29.90 + shipping

>>> Buy now @ Shut Up Legs


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Cadence Collection – King of the Hill Tee

Born in the US, Cadence are only just starting to gain traction in the UK. We’ve been following them for a long time now, we love their designs and their ‘out there’ looks. See the full collection over at the Cadence Collection UK.

£29.00 + shipping

>>> Buy @ Cadence Collection UK


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Whitstable Vuelta 95

All the apparel by Whitstable is made by them in their home seaside town of Whitstable, UK. All their designs are inspired by their passion for cycling. Read more about them here. We love this Velta t-shirt. The Vuelta is one of 3 grands tours that happen every year.

Buy @ Whitstable


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Manual For Speed – Shibori Tie-Dye Speed Tee V.2

We thought we’d save this little gem for last. This Tie-Dye tee from Manual For Speed is definitely up there with the crazy side of the designs listed. Unfortunately this tee is only available from the US – but at least you know your gift will be a rarity here in the UK.

>>> Buy @ Manual For Speed