TOOLS: Get Them a Good Multi Tool!

Multi Tools

Multi tools are a must have for any cyclist while out on their bike. They can do everything from tightening spokes, breaking chains to tightened up those all important bolts. They’re often a treasured and well looked after item in a cyclist saddlebag and can even serve as bragging rights for when fellow cyclist needs to borrow it. In short: a £4.99 multi tool from your local Aldi won’t cut it amongst their club mates.

We’ve put together a small list of well to do multi tools that will make great cycling gifts.

Cycling Gift Guide

Multi tools, like most things come at various different price points, ultimately the more you pay the better then tool will be and the more functions it will have – think Swiss Army Knife.

However, just opting for a tool with the most functions isn’t necessary the best way to go. Some cyclist won’t want to carry around a tool for absolutely everything, they’ll want a tool that can fix the essentials but won’t weight them down. So, to that end – aim for a tool with between 10 and 20 functions.

How much?

Between £10.00 and £40.00