APPAREL: 5 Cool Summer Cycling Jerseys

5 Cool Summer Cycling Jerseys

In the last 3-4 years, ‘cool’ cycling clothing has been getting more and more popular and more brands are coming to the fore with their own unique designs. if you’re looking for something a bit different in the cycling jersey department then look no further than the 5 brands below, all available now in the UK.

Cycling Jersey Buying Guide

When you’re looking at buying a jersey as a gift the main thing is going to be the fit. In most cases you’re going to be lucky to get it right and will more than likely end up sending it back for an exchange. To this end, look for sites with free returns.

Hint: Try taking the measurements of an jersey that he/she already owns and fits well and send these measurements to the shop to get them to measure up the correct size. Typically arm pit to arm pit is always a good call.



First up are a brand born and bred in Leicester, UK. They have a very uniquie and vintage approach to their designs that I personally find very appealing. All the garments are products in Leicester too which is nice to know.

Velobici are on the slightly more expensive side but the quality speaks for itself. You can see this quality at their fully stocked showroom located here.

Find Velobici clothing over at



I’ve been waiting for a UK retailer to sell MAAP for a while now, luckily, The Velohouse in Tunbridge Wells have helped in this department.

MAAP derive from Australia and this is apparent in a lot of their designs. One of the more popular jerseys from MAAP include contour lines of popular climbs from the Melbourne area.

Find MAAP clothing over at Sigma Sport and The Velohouse.

Find out more about MAAP.



One characteristic I look for in cycling clothing is something that signifies where the garments are designed and sometimes made. Pas Normal Studios definitely have ‘that’ going on, take one look at their designs and they just look like they come from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Each item is hand crafted and look absolutely awesome.

Find Pas Normal Studios clothing over at Always Riding.

Find out more about Pas Normal Studios.



Ornot are from the USA, their products are all designed and made there too which is always to know – for some reason it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that a garment is manufactured in the same country that it was conceived.

Ornot’s philosophy was to create clothing that is minimalist but also functional.

Find Ornot clothing over at Always Riding.

Find out more about Ornot.



Attaquer are born and bred in Australia but luckily are now being sold by G!RO Cycles in Surry. These guys are breaking the rules of traditional cycle wear with the fashion led, but also technical cycle clothing.

Find Attaquer Cycling clothing at G!RO Cycles.

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