FOR THE RIDE: Get some wood!

FOR THE RIDE: Get some wood!

Looking for a unique gift? Look no further than some hand made wood accessories! We came across the creator, Kambium on Etsy and their work is simply stunning. With the tag line,  Take nature for a ride, they produce some staggeringly beautiful pieces of kit including bottle cages and bike stands. Created from wood including cherry and maple, these hand crafted accessories are really something to behold!

About the artist:

Jamin Chepernich is passionate about cycling and woodworking, and has been his whole life. Both of these interests originated with his father a long time ago. Jamin lived in Germany for most of his 20’s where he completed an apprenticeship as a guitar builder. Now he lives in Fresno, California with his wife and two daughters.

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Buying Guide:

These piece from Kambium are quite specific, ensure they have a bike like the one pictured above, they won’t suit just any bike. The the bike stand however – this will suit any bike in any location!

Does this make a good cycling gift?

These are expensive items, make sure they have a need for them and that they will suit the intended bike for your recipient.

Bottle cages:

£44.02 and £68.03

£136.07 (note, this stand only fits 25c tyres, luckily the maker can make you a custom stand for different tyre widths.

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