TOP 10 Cycling bidons! Awesome Water Bottles!

TOP 10 Bottles, Bidons!

Are water bottles going to be the new socks in the cycling fashion accessory world? We think maybe so. We’ve sourced the web for what we think are 10 of the most creative and technical bidons.

When choosing a water bottle, things to look for are volume, normally measured in ml in the UK, the type of cap and of course the colour/design.

Will a cycling bidon make a good gift?

YES. It’s small in size and cost and something that’s always appreciated by every cyclist, because one can’t have enough water bottles. When looking for a bidon as a gift, you want to make sure it’s something slightly different from the norm. Look for more obscure, independent brands that offer something bright and patterned.

Cadence Collection: Halftone Vis Bottle

First up a offering from one of our favorite brands, Cadence Collection.  Their bottles are always bright and peppered with their cool logo.


>>> Buy @ Cadence UK

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Fabric Water Bottle Cage Free

The Fabric water bottle takes the award for being different, combining the cage and bottle into their own proprietary system. This allows for a streamlined look on the bike which gives the ‘how does that stay on your bike?’ look. The only downside to this system is that it takes away any versatility to use standard bottles.


>>> Buy @ Rutland

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Camelbak Bottles

Camelbak bottles are one of those bottles that until you’ve had one you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else. At the heart of Camelbak bottles lies a patented spill-proof, self sealing Jet Valve system – allowing you to drink without having to open and close the cap.


>>> Buy @ Rutland



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MAAP Box logo bottle

MAAP are an Australian brand that are very bold in their design and have a reputation for producing quality cycle wear and attack cyclist that are into their bike style as much as their bike hardware.


>>> Buy @ Sigma Sport

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Black Sheep

These bottles from Black Sheep combines striking colour with their crisp, bold logo design. These bottles feature a Moflo cap and Purist construction which ensures the bottle not only looks good it performs well enabling your to be spillage free. Each colour has a different Black Sheep ‘Life Lessons‘ printed on it, giving you useful facts while staying hydrated!


>>> Buy @ Sigma Sport

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Tax Shiva Unprinted

The Tax Shiva is a simple, understated bottle that is easy to drink from, cheap and doesn’t wreck those clean lines of their bike with unwanted branding. This is also the bottle chosen by most of the pro team, pro team replicas can be bought here.


>>> Buy @ Amazon

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Rapha’s Bidon

We couldn’t list our top 10 bidons without mentioning Rapha. Their bidon design has stayed unchanged for a few years now, but it’s a classic. Simple, bold colours and the classic Rapha logo – what’s not to love?

The Rapha bidon features an ergonic grip and has a self-sealing nozzle (I’m sure it’s the same nozzle that Camelbak designed) and made from a taste free plastic to ensure your water doesn’t end up tasting of plastic!

£21.00 (for a bundle x2)

>>> Buy now @ Rapha

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Ornot are an American brand that are committed to bringing excellent products with a simple, minimal design approach to cycling apparel and accessories. Here we have their bidon offering, utilising the MoFlo cap and a large screw cap this Ornot bottle is awesome! Why not buy them the matching jersey?


>>> Buy @ Always Riding

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Giro D’Italia Elite Bidon

Since I’m writing this while watching the Giro it would be rude not to include a Giro D’Italia offering. In this instance it comes from the well known bottle brand, Elite.

Bid on ebay

Buy @ ebay

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Rouler X Pas Normal Studios

Rouler is a renowned and respecting web and magazine outlet for the world of cycling. Here we have a collab between brand Pas Normal Studios and Rouler.

We love the colours and the minimalist design, reasonably priced too!

> Shop the collection here.


>>> Buy @ Rouler