TOP 5 Rapha Gifts!

TOP 5 Rapha Gifts!

We all love Rapha, so why not get them a Rapha gift? Yes it’s costly stuff and you’ll pay a premium for the Rapha badge but it’s they apparel and accessories are undoubtedly good quality and they only team up with high value brands for colabs.

Will these Rapha gifts make good cycling gifts?

We think so, Rapha is a world renowned brand, known for their coffee shops, apparel and all round quality products. Some cyclist steer away from the brand but we’re unsure why, yes some of their stuff is at the pricey side of the scale but the same can be said for the likes of Paul Smith. We’d have thought any gift from would be met with high appreciation.

1. Special Edition Card Holder

Card holders are the new wallets right? This offering from Rapha is simply brilliant. Simple, elegant and screams quality and at £35.00 it’s not badly priced either.


These two items from Rapha can be characterised as nothing less than beautiful. Featuring the iconic pink Rapha colours these items will make the perfect gifts. The Transfer case espceially looks like the perfect organiser for their cycling holidays away.



Designed by award-winning British ceramicist Billy Lloyd and manufactured by Portmeirion pottery in London, this cappuccino set looks the business. Clean lines and a simple Rapha logo ensure you look as cool as you feel while drinking your cappuccino or latte.


Utlising the impressive self-sealing Jet Valve™ technology which eliminates splatters and spills while riding these bidons from Rapha are lovely, they come in a range of colours to suit most cycling fans. Coming in at £12 each they’re also a inexpensive way of buying someone a Rapha gift!


As far as super unnecessary accessories go, there are few that match the unexplainable pulling power of the Rapha Chris King Espresso Tamper, that being said; cycling gifts shouldn’t nessercarily be about praticallity, they should be objects of desire, maybe something they would also never buy for him/herself.

What makes this coffee tamper special? It’s made in partnership between the legendary component brand, Chris King and America Barista & Coffee School in the US. Finished off in black and Rapha pink this surely is a awesome gift for the cycling coffee lover! It would also make a great paper weight for those that don’t tamper their coffee!


This first offering unfortunately is only available to RCC members, which is rubbish! basically, this mean you’d need to sign up and pay £135 a year to become a member to be eligible to buy this product – not cool Rapha.

However, this colab between Silca and Rapha is excellent. Offering just the right amount of cool and functionality.