TOP 10 Joke Cycling Gifts

Sometimes it’s just to damn hard to find your cycling fanatic friend the right serious gift because they have everything…time to shop for some joke cycling gifts! Make fun of their cycling obsession with these top 10 joke cycling gifts!

Obsessive Cycling Disorder Mouse Matt

Buy them a mouse matt for their office or work place.


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Book: So You Think You’re a Cyclist?

50 tales from life on two wheels. A book not to be taken seriously, this book pokes fun at the everyday cyclist.


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Tyrannosaurus T.Rex Dinosaur Bicycle Cycling T-Shirt

We say this is a joke t-shirt but we actually quite like it! Dinosaurs on bikes – what’s not to love?!


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Ride me – Bicycle T-Shirt

We don’t have to point out the clear innuendo here. Good if you want to hint something to your cycling mad partner.


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Leather Bicycle Wine Holder

They love wine and cycling? We’ve found you the perfect jokey cycling gift!


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Bike Balls!

They’ll literally never use these, but they’re the perfect gift on Christmas day.


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Hornit – World’s Loudest Bicycle Horn

This is awesome! 140db of sound from a bicycle bell…that’s the equivalent of the sound of a jet engine!


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Spoke Reflectors

Again, they’ll never use these but as far as guaranteeing they don’t already have these is a sure thing.


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Bicycle Post-it Notes

Something small and jokey, will make a nice stocking filler or add-on birthday present.


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I Love Cycling T-Shirt

The classic, I <3 Cycling T-shirt. Sure to go down well for the cyclist that already has everything.